Moissanite 19.0ct White & Rose Tone Watch

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This exquisite 19.0ct Moissanite watch is crafted with GRA certified VVS stones that sparkle like genuine diamonds. Each stone is hand-picked and delicately set throughout, creating a brilliant shine from every angle. The solitaire bezel and baguette hour markers exude luxury and elegance. Expertly crafted with the highest quality of materials.

Make Gold Empire
Sku  V01J 
Style Moissanite Diamonds 19.0Ct
Case Size (MM) 42 mm
Metal Stainless Steel
Movement Automatic
Length (Inches) 8.5 Inch

  • Each stone is hand picked and intricately set throughout to showcase an immaculate shine from every angle
  • GRA certified VVS Moissanite stones that shine brilliantly like genuine diamonds and pass the commonly used diamond tester
  • The solitaire bezel & baguette hour markers showcase a luxurious look
  • Top Notch Craftsmanship